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Ammon Brown’s Site, Dammit!

Published on July 26, 2007 by in All Posts

I am peeved. I am peeved that when you do a search for “Ammon Brown” you get the dot net version of my name. That just ain’t right! The problem is that Jared linked to my other site using Ammon Brown as the anchor text and Google picked up on that. Curses! So this post is nothing more than Google spam. I am just spiking this post with my name, Ammon Brown, in order to try to reclaim my rightful place atop the Google results. You can help by linking to me like so: Ammon Brown. I guess I did too good a job optimizing my dot net site for search engines. Perhaps I should try to get this one out of my blogger template and tweak it even better!

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