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Here is a list of a few of the sites I have built over the years.  Many no longer work and most are completely dormant, so do not expect big things from them.  As I write this I get a bit depressed at the failed hopes that the wreckage of all of these sites represents.  Sigh.

This was intended to be an ad network that would place CPC backlinks on a network of partner sites.  It was to bridge the gap between CPC paid links and flat-rate backlinks.  I built the entire thing from scratch, hand-coding the PHP all the way.

YouStroll was intended to be a marketplace for audio walking tours recorded by just about anyone.  Tour guides could upload their tours and the site would sell them for a cut.  Unfortunately mobile apps and other technologies are quickly making it obsolete.

This is a fun blog.  I had the idea one day to just toss a dart at TimeOut New York and go do whatever it hit.  I have a dartboard generator and even built a DartOut FaceBook application to let people play along at home.

Chip and a Charity
A play on words for the poker phrase “a chip and a chair”, this was conceived while online poker was still huge.  The market dried up a bit but it is still likely viable.  Now it just sits there.

Ammon Brown Consulting
This site needs an update because it is not my best work but is supposed to showcase my work.  I’ll get around to it, I do not really use it as a showpiece anyway.  It is just a site to market my SEO and SEM chops.

Poker According to Ammbo
Ammbo is my poker handle when I play online.  This is just a simple blog that I used to chronicle the year plus that I was playing poker for a living.  Incidentally, my name was also submitted to Urban Dictionary as a result of some dirty poker tricks I used to pull a lot.

Carolines School of Comedy
This is a site I put together for a friend who runs the business.  I also built a professional(ish)-sounding phone system using simple tools provided by Twilio and implemented PayPal as the payment system.

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