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New site design

Published on February 5, 2006 by in All Posts

New Site Design
OK, so it is not really a new design. I grabbed a new template for my blog to fiddle with. I was looking at it and decided that I was getting a tad ill looking at my circa 1999 website. I have had it as the ugly red color for a few years, it was time for a change. One rather sad thing about the change, and a reason I kept putting it off, was because the comments have been hosted by an external company rather than by blogger. Even though they were javascript (which I am not keen on using), they are part of the history of my blog. I might put all of the old comments back in and lock them, hoping people will use the new comments. We shall see, there are a number of things I want to do with the site. Eventually I think I will create my own blogging system when I get bored. I just feel that blogger is geared toward beginners. It creates static files for each post, and that can become a lot of disk space. Perhaps I will make it a project to play with mod_rewrite to duplicate the URL structure but move all of the posts and comments to a mysql database. It would probably take me a week to do it all, but I am not motivated to do so at the moment.

Also, stay tuned. I am talking to a very interesting company about doing some work for them. I will update both of my loyal readers when I know more.

Afterthought: Am I a dork for trying to find a good image to post with this entry? I feel like the blog looks a bit empty without a nice image to lead in to the blog entry. But what image works with this entry? I am open to suggestions.

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NYC Redux

Published on February 1, 2006 by in All Posts

NYC Redux
Back in New York, and it feels good. I thought I might miss Ithaca more than I do, but I feel somewhat at home in NYC after just a week or two. Both of my regular readers (You guys do still come, right?) may have noticed a new block of text at the top directing people to my consulting site. I have been doing enough consulting that I thought I would open up virtual shop in earnest. So if you know someone who needs a hand with their website, direct them to AmmonBrown.net. I will make their wildest dreams come true.

On another note, I was pondering my name today. It is so unique that anyone who wants to find me will. I was on Friendster for a while and I heard from people I had not heard from in years. They just randomly decided to pop the old moniker into the search function and I was one of the few Ammon Browns in the database. For that matter, I am the top result in Google for my own name. If anyone ever wonders what ever happened to that hilarious yet weird genius they once knew, I am just a few keystrokes away. I find myself wondering if I have ever said things on my blog that would shock some people. I am pretty sure that I have said some things that cast me is a questionable light with employers… but oh well. I actually talked to someone about a job I am interested in and he told me he had a good old time going through my blog for two hours. I got to wondering if that puts me at a professional disadvantage since they know considerably more about me than I do them or if it arms them with enough information to make a sound prequalification. I have to talk to a lot of people with the assumption that they already know me, because they do.

What a strange internet I live on. I love the way the web has shrunk my world while expanding my mind. Rock on!

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