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The word boot can mean many things. In the UK it can mean the trunk of a car, it can mean to vomit, or it can mean the tire clamp used on illegally parked cars. For my purposes this morning it means the good old fashioned American kick in the pants. 86’ed. There is really no experience quite like being awoken at 9 AM by a landlord you did not know you had who barely speaks any English and finding out that you are being booted from the apartment you had apparently rented illegally. Oops. As it turns out, the person we rented our summer apartment from in the Hague was not entirely forthright in letting us know that we should vacate the apartment if the landlord decides to drop by to fix the roof. Now we are looking for a new apartment for our last month here. Gotta be out today. How fun for us! Why could he not have come by a few days ago when we were back in the US?

Yeah, we flew home. I was in Vegas for two weeks and Christine joined me for the weekend. I was there for a trade show and the World Series of Poker and then we had a mini convention for the web site I work for. It was a great time, we got to meet people who we only knew by screenname. I would like to post pictures but I kind of have to move now. Ugh. The Hague is fun for the most part, I will post more when I know more. You know better than to believe that.

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