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These are just a few of the random tools I have written over the years.  Most of them are useless but some can be sort of fun.  Note that I do not offer any support whatsoever nor do I take responsibility for the consequences that may befall you as a result of misusing the awesome power you will find herein.  Enjoy them.

Scramble (Boggle) Cheater
I played Scramble on FaceBook for some time and while I was not too bad at it, I realized that the game would have to have a finite solution set.  So I found a dictionary, loaded it into a database, and wrote a script to recursively solve for all words in a given grid.  Try it, it is fun!

Location Geo-modifier Search Term Tool
This is a tool that I wrote using a zip code database and some fun SQL that I used to calculate distance.  Basically it just generates a list of geographic modifiers for use in paid search campaigns.  It is also handy as a many-to-many concatenator as well as a matchtype generator.  Note that this is here as a resume piece only, it is not for commercial use.

DartOut FaceBook Application
This is an application that grabs events from TimeOut New York each week and allows users to generate a random event to attend.  It was designed to go hand-in-hand with the DartOut Blog I started.

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