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Published on March 25, 2008 in All Posts

Anyone who knows me knows I hate the subway during rush hour (I know, drama-bomb!). Riding the train puts the ugly stupidity of crowds on display. My favorites are the people who crowd to the door to be the first one on… and then stop and stand right inside the door. Or the people who are so anxious to get on the train they start pushing past the people trying to get off. People just don’t get it. But they do get a solid passive-aggressive shoulder thump from me.

So now I am doing something about it. I bought a bike Saturday and timed my ride to work on Sunday. It took me 49 minutes to go the 7.5 miles to work. That is about what the train averages. Once I am in better shape I can likely do it in 35 minutes. So yesterday and today I rode to work. Yesterday was 40+ minutes. Today was closer to 50-55 minutes due to ridiculously sore quadriceps.

However, the ride is quite pleasant (except for the exhaust from the west side heliport). I get to ride across the Brooklyn Bridge and up the west side highway bike path, avoiding most traffic lights. I was always worried about sweating like Pavorati on a treadmill, but it is not too bad. After 10 minutes at work I am good to go. I really have no goals with this, I just want to save the $80 per month on a metrocard, lose the 20 extra pounds my desk job has bestowed upon me, and get sexier than Fabio and Clooney combined. My happy-fun route is below, courtesy of MapMyRide.com.

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  1. Brad Kimmel

    What a coincidence–I just bought a bike a few weeks ago and have been biking to the train station pretty regularly. I sweat a ton as well but, unlike you, I don’t really care.

  2. Scavengergirl

    I keep telling myself I need to do this! My ride wouldn’t be quite as long fortunately, but I’m still a sissy,afraid to sweat! Maybe this will provide a little inspiration.

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