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Published on August 10, 2005 in All Posts

Drenched in ParisDrenched!
“Let’s sit down and grab a baguette,” I said. “No, it does not really look like rain,” Christine replied. About 7 minutes later we were stuck in a torrential downpour in the only place in Paris where there is no cover for blocks around. We wound up huddling under a small wall on a bridge over the river Seine to try to stay out of the rain, as you can see in the picture. Finally, we just decided to go ahead and get drenched. It has been a while since I willfully got soaked in the rain, and Paris turned out to be the perfect place to do it. I had a ton of fun!

So Paris was two weekends ago. We walked around the city for hours and went to a few museums. The WWII exhibit was quite cool. I knew so little about the French perspective on the war that it was quite fascinating to learn about the resistance and the Vichy government. We also saw Napoleon’s tomb. A huge coffin for such a tiny man. Probably the lamest museum I have ever been to was right next door. It was French military uniforms throughout the centuries. I am sure those little Frenchmen looked dashing in their poofy shoulder pads, but why should I care? We left quickly.

This coming weekend we are heading to London and from there to Valencia, Spain. I have never been to Spain and I am looking forward to using my Spanish and seeing a new country. So far this summer Brussels is the only new place I have been.

And to follow up on the last post, no we did not get booted. I cut a deal with the landlord to basically rent the apartment downstairs but stay in ours. He is a complete ass, but manageable. The weather in this country SUCKS! The clouds move so fast that I expect a sonic boom at any time, and you can set your watch to the intermittent rain storms. It should only be this cold in August in Antarctica. However, we are still enjoying it but starting to miss home. We fly back on the 20th, and I think that will be just about the time I really start hating this place, so the timing could not be better.

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