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Published on March 11, 2005 in All Posts

Working Hard.

As you may know, I have a real job. I truly feel it is the best job ever. It hit me when we were doing laundry. Christine was folding one of the ten+ pairs of pajama pants that I seem to get every birthday, Christmas, and Arbor Day, and remarked that I have so many. I replied that I should get rid of some and she came back with, “No, you need them to wear to work.” What a great job I have. I sit at home, manage a big website, and play some poker when I get the time. The real problem with working from home is being able to turn it off. I find that there is always more to do on the site so I just keep at it. Being the neurotic perfectionist that I am, I tend to stay on task until I fall asleep. Then I wake up, start up the computer, and get right back to it. Repeat as necessary. I am not complaining, I love what I am doing. I just need to make better hours for myself.

On the poker side of things, I have not been playing a lot because I work so much. However, when I do play I have been doing well. I will be going on another cruise in about two weeks after having won my way in. It will be the Party Poker Million, the same one I went on last year. Hopefully this year I come away from it with a few thousand dollars rather than just a good story. Wish me luck!

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