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Published on June 14, 2004 in All Posts

What a Slacker.
I am officially a slacker. I have been out of touch with family, friends, blog, and world. I have no excuse, I only ask forgiveness. Very little has changed, other than Christine moving back to NYC with me for the summer and me starting a new job. Google is treating me well, although I am no longer #1 when searching for “Ammon Brown.” The job is good and I am surrounded by great people. The office is awesome, we have a balcony that we can eat lunch on. I have been adjusting to a new schedule and am just now starting to feel that I am back on track for the full work day. Beyond a few weekend trips I really have no plans this summer. Kind of sad, but it is difficult to take time off from a new job. Pathetic update, but that’s all you get.

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