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Published on June 17, 2004 in All Posts

We crave it. We go to great lengths to get it. We deal with unsavory types in dangerous areas to obtain it. Without it we have trouble functioning. Not using it is expensive and excludes us from a great portion of our lives as we know it. No, not drugs, oil. And I do not recommend snorting crude, it burns the sinuses. I have been reading more and more about the situation in Saudia Arabia and the middle east in general. Our dependency on oil gives these psychopaths so much leverage over us it is ridiculous. Eventually the US or the Saudi governement will have to buckle to some type of pressure to maintain the flow of the precious carbon juice. I see no short term solutions to our dependency and subsequent terror problems other than more warmongering and playing whack-a-mole with terrorists, since we certainly can’t leave the middle east. These guys are not stupid, they know that if they attack the oil infrastructure (read: foreign workers) in Saudi Arabia one of two things will happen: The Saudi governemnt will start capitulating to demands and eventually crumble, or they will lose their lifeblood and eventually crumble. My short term solution to thwarting the recurring attacks and kidnappings? Arm and train everyone. If a terrorist group knows that the civilians they are about to attack will fight back with deadly force, maybe they will rethink their tactics. Fight fire with fire. This rant is way too long for one post. I will rant more later.

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