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Published on April 6, 2004 in All Posts

Passing On Thursday I received a call that my Grandma Fenstermacher was in the hospital, likely for the last time. I got to Connecticut on Saturday afternoon, enough time to speak to her and hold her hand. She passed away early Sunday morning. I was asleep in an adjacent room when she passed. She had survived cancer three times, survived the great depression, and a number of other trials. She worked full time to support her family after her late husband suffered a stroke. While she was not really my grandmother, I had grown up calling her Grandma. She met my parents when they had a flat tire in front of her house in the late seventies. Her kindness that day led to a lasting friendship that turned into adoption into our family. She looked after me and kept me in line for the first 15 years of my life. She was a great woman, and when she chose to stop fighting against her failing health at the age of 88, we knew it was the right choice. She never made bad choices. She will be missed greatly by our family. We love you, Grandma!

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