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Published on March 3, 2004 in All Posts

Robb insists, I post. It has really become rather robotic. You guys clamor for an update to fill your mundane lives, I comply with the details of my mundane life, and we share in our… mundanity(?). I figured two very thoughtful posts would hold you guys for a while. I guess not. Christine was down this weekend. We went to the Intrepid Museum and looked at warplanes. I got to see a real live A-12 Blackbird! I then continued my downward spiral into sickness and could barely talk by Monday. And you thought the story would end nicely! I just got a new camera phone, too… the Sony Ericsson T610. I finally outgrew Nokia! I love having a camera phone in New York. Why? This is why:

So that when the very drunk bum on the train next to you falls asleep on your shoulder you can take a picture of him to amuse the lady and her daughter who are laughing at you. And I amuse myself, of course. And it was funny. Happy, Robb?
And for Jared and all of the other folks, poker has been a little bit over break even this week. Rather frustrating when that happens. I have begun looking over Mike Caro’s Video Tells to improve my live game. I used some of this in a tournament I played for practice on Monday and finished fifth. I may be obsessing too much, but this tournament is dominating my conciousness for the time being.

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