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Published on February 24, 2004 in All Posts

Nader. AAARGH! OK, so I made mention of this in my last post (below), but it deserves more attention. I was reading a posting on Fark here when this occured to me. Do people ever leave their houses!? Do they ever wonder what their comfortable little world looks like from the street, or their neighbor’s house? My point is, there is so much complaining and mud slinging going on by Democrats, and yet they were thrilled by Ross Perot. What if Steve Forbes decided to run instead of Ralph Nader? The sides would be reversed and the democrats would be thrilled while the republicans cried foul and smeared him. This is EXACTLY THE PROBLEM WITH THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM! It creates an atmosphere of us versus them, it polarizes us. We see things in either-or, black-white, with-against. And people do not even realize how shallow and myopic this is! It is simple: Tell us what is best for us and we will react accordingly. Tell us what is bad for us and we will react accordingly. We want to belong to your group, so we will vote and think how you want us to. It is like the two major parties are competing Pavlovian overlords ringing the bells that they think will make a slim majority of us salivate. Does anyone else feel a little manipulated?

Here’s a thought: What if all of those people who do not vote are not just lazy? What if they are abstaining? I for one was not planning to vote this year, out of disgust with either option for different reasons. Now I will vote. For Nader. Just to piss most of you off. And he is not stealing my vote from anyone. He is getting a disillusioned citizen involved rather than further disaffecting him. THAT is what is important. Not who can take the most Halliburton or Lockheed money to spend on pork barrel projects. I say screw the two party system, and screw all of those people who live and breathe it. It is restrictive and does nothing but give two guys a 50-50 shot.

Let the mud slinging begin. I shall observe with an amused look on my face.

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