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Published on February 19, 2004 in All Posts

Celebrity Poker Showdown: Since I am kind of a loser and never hang out with anyone cool, I am about to drop a name that I hope will make you think to yourself, “Self, that Ammon is a cool guy. I think I will buy him sweets and shiny trinkets.” I was playing poker last night in a live game to hone my live game skills (Yes, I won), and I looked over at the next table to see Paul Rudd intently focused on a game. That’s right, I saw a celebrity. Now I am not one to gush and hoo and haw, but I really like him as an actor and I had seen a hilarious interview with him on The Daily Show the night before. So as I left I made a joke to him about his appearance on the show and got a laugh out of him. And I do believe it was a genuine laugh, not one of those “OK, you frighten me please go away now you leering rubbernecker” laughs. I was elated. OK, I wasn’t, but it is still cool to see and say hi to someone you respect. It is strange how celebrity affects people, and I always thought that I was not one of them. After all, I work two floors below Tim Robbins (another actor I regard highly) and ride the elevator with him frequently so I figured I am used to it. Not so. I guess I am just one of the starstruck groupies that I hate so much. OK, I exaggerate. But it is cool, ain’t it?

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