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Published on January 12, 2004 in All Posts

Still Alive Yes, I am still alive. I was just in a freak food processor accident and momentarily thought my computer was a toaster. So my CD ROM drive is now fixed and the crumbs have been removed from the hard drive, so I am back online! Your life once again has meaningful discourse. Let’s catch up. I went home for the holidays, got a toothache, a root canal, and then felt sick for New Year’s. You are officially up to date. Christine has been here in NYC for the past month, which is a blessing in many ways. She gets my lazy butt off the couch occasionally and she has brought some semblence of organization to my haphazard life. I have been chronically late to work, as anyone who knows me knows I have a tendency to do, and have taken steps to fix it. I now have three alarm clocks set to progressively get me further and further away from the bed to shut them off as well as a timer on the blinding halogen lamp in my studio. Hey, Ammon, you might say, why not go to sleep earlier? I have never been one for the path of least resistance. New Year’s resolutions. Yes, I made some. A lot, actually. Will they be broken? Without exception. Chief among them is to start using the gym membership I have been paying for over the past year without going more than twice. More of a donation, really. Anyhoo, I think resolutions are a set up for failure and self loathing. But I like self loathing, so I made a ton of them. If you see me flogging myself, you know why. There, it is updated. Happy???

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