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Published on January 19, 2004 in All Posts

Steak, Cheese, and Heritage: Went to Philly this weekend. We went to Pat’s King of Steaks, as all good tourists are instructed to do. We were not too sure whether to go to Pat’s or Gino’s, but we were told that Pat’s was the one to hit. I have always wondered how Cheez Whiz is still around, and the gallons of the stuff in the front window of Pat’s provides my answer. They must buy the stuff by the truckload. After cheesesteaks, we did the tourist thing and went by Independence Hall to see where the constitution was signed and look for souveniers. One thing that struck me as I was looking at some of the historical sites is the use of the word “patriot.” History is, after all, written by the winners. Because the colonies beat the British, they were patriots. Had they lost, they would have been rebels. Same goes for the civil war, where the confederates are still called rebels. How has this skewed my perception of history and how will it skew how current events will be viewed years from now? Will the Iraqis be rebels while the US are a bunch of patriots? Just a thought.

The reason we went to Philly is because Christine was headed back to Ithaca this weekend. Now I can go back to my life of boredom, lonliness, and depression. I jest, but only a little. She was here for a month and now will be gone for a few more. I had just gotten used to having her around. Perhaps I should hustle up with my Cornell Business School application and join her. If I can get my lazy ass motivated, that is. I have lots to say, but little time. Next time.

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