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Published on October 20, 2003 in All Posts

Enjoying Life and Kissing the Ground Ever been in a plane when it takes a nose dive and then head back to the airport to be greeted by a runway full of emergency vehicles? If you do get the opportunity, I suggest that you either politely decline or get fitted for a colostomy bag. Yes, this happened to me. We were flying to St. John’s for some QT on the beach, and our plane had a small issue with not being able to climb over 10,000 feet because the cabin would not pressurize. As a result, the plane automatically dives when you exceed 10,000 feet. What fun! I dislike flying enough without having a real reason to crap myself. The interesting thing is that I felt much safer on the tiny twin prop commuter jet than I did on the AirBus A300. The person who said getting there is half the fun has apparently never flown American Airlines.

Once the fun part was over, we proceeded to have a great time in St. John’s. We stayed at the Westin Resort, went snorkeling with sharks (small ones) and turtles (big ones), lazed about on the beach, and rented a jeep to cruise around the Island. I am too lazy to find cool links for you, but I will post some pictures of my pathetic whiteness soon. Stay tuned.

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