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Published on July 10, 2003 in All Posts

Stress Job, work, moving, class, obligations… and all that jazz! I actually felt stressed out at work today. For those of you who know me (both of you), this is not normal for me. And how do I deal with it? I sit on my buns and watch silly movies with Christine. Oh, well.

On another note, Jared is no longer gainfully employed. He finally drove iNetNow into the ground. Actually, that company was screwed from day one. Believe me, they had an excellent service. I used their trial period early on and loved it. But they did not effectively market themselves. I tried to get them to advertise a few years ago and they were too scared. Stingy, one might say. But hey, you gotta spend money to make money. Just believe that what you have will keep ’em coming back. And it would have. iNetNow, I salute you for what you attempted, and I commend you for what you accomplished. You will be missed by the 50 people who knew about you, because you WOULDN’T ADVERTISE!! Rant over. Good day.

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