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Published on June 23, 2003 in All Posts

Welts, rain, and disappointments. Well, paintball turned out to be a mixed bag. All of us there had a blast slogging through the mud and shooting each other without mercy. I tell you, there is nothing like laying seige to a castle full of 14 year olds with guns. Makes you feel so manly. I escaped paintball with only one welt, which is rather upsetting. Our opponents seem to have lousy aim. Our whitewater rafting adventure was neither whitewater nor an adventure. Due to the high water they would not take us down the challenging portions of the river, so we floated down flat water for two hours and chatted with our guide. Kind of boring. All said and done, the weather was not our friend. I do not mind the rain itself, but it caused too many disruptions. A lot of people cancelled, the rafting trip was changed around, and driving there and back was not as easy as I would have hoped. And I was very disappointed with the turnout. This is not to say that I am upset with any one person in particular. All 6-7 people who cancelled had valid cop outs. It is more along the lines that I am annoyed in general that things have a tendency to work out this way. Not a big deal, since all deposits were refundable and we still had a blast in our small numbers. Oh, and a huge round of applause for Albert’s friend Eric and his crew for making up the difference when we needed number and for providing the extra firepower we needed. Thanks, guys (and you too, Anne) for showing up and sticking it out through the puddles. In conclusion, I would say that while it would have been nice to have more people there, we all had a blast regardless. For those of you who cancelled, try to make it next time. So I can shoot you twice as much! It will happen again later this summer on a larger scale, so stay tuned!

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