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Published on April 6, 2003 in All Posts

Why can I not think of anything interesting to say? Oh, yeah, because I am not interesting. You may have noticed that I changed the title of my page. It may change again until I find something that works. I also added links on the left side of the page, so have a look at those. I finally linked Christine, which I hadn’t done before because she uses profanity and my family comes to my site occasionally. But what the hell, she is my wife and I love her, and that is just who she is. Ain’t she great? I also added JD and a link to my old resume, which I forgot was still posted here. It is old and I am not looking, so don’t ask. I swear, I get more calls from recruiters… I am so delusional. Actually, the new title of the blog refers more to how I feel about life. I am pretty complacent right now, happy to go to work, eat, sleep, and then do it all over again. I never thought I would be the type to become a drone, but it ain’t so bad. I really like my job and the immense potential this company exhibits. Christine, on the other hand, hates her job and it shows. I keep trying to encourage her to quit but there are obstacles to doing so. “My boss needs me,” “I am afraid to tell them,” “We can’t lose our dental insurance,” et cetera. Meanwhile she still hates it and it affects her mood. So I say again, “QUIT!” They’ll get over it and we can get dental for probably less than we pay now. I apologize for the mini rant, but this is becoming more of an issue in my life, not that you care. OK, I gotta get back to my static complacency now. Our weekly cooking club at Yoshi’s gets underway in an hour and will no doubt continue until three AM, completely screwing over my drone schedule. Oh, well, my peeps are worth it.

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