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Published on February 23, 2003 in All Posts

Well, that was an exciting morning. I spent half of the day teaching myself dHTML and sHTML to try to pull off a little trick for a friend. You know who you are, Jared. Turns out that I only needed to CHMOD a file to 744 in order to be able to execute the javascript properly, detect his IP address when he shows up, and pop up a custom message. What fun! OK< I have a confession to make... I am not really a geek. I want more than anything to be a geek who can hack and code and become the next Comic Store Guy from the Simpsons. But alas, I am a wanna be geek. Everything I know about web design, programming, and hardware comes from one college C++ class and online tutorials that any newborn could master in half the time it takes me. But I can sure sound like a true geek when I put my mind to it. Heck, I built my own computer for gits and shiggles. It is an amazing machine, but it just sits there on the shelf because our friggin' computer desk is only deep enough for the laptop. Time to upgrade. So getting away from that stream of consciousness tangent... I spent the morning trying to figure out how to add useless functionality to my site. And snorting back phlegm. I have been rather sick of late. It came on (of course) at 3PM on Friday. Bye bye weekend. Anyhoo, we were supposed to have our little book club meeting last night, but most people had not finished the book, some were sick, and one idiot had not even started it. I was all three. Anyway, isn't the Satanic Verses kind of yesterday's news? Oh, ok, I guess I will have to cram so I can sound intelligent when we do actually discuss the book. Maybe there is an online tutorial I can use! "Salman Rushdie for Dummies" Or in my case, "Salman Rushdie for People with the Mental Agility of Mildew." OK, enough blogging for one day. I shall now retire to my mothballed computer and see if I cannot find some clever use for it.

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