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Published on May 29, 2003 in All Posts

My friend Jared is a stinking genius. He did not really like Blogger’s software, so he built his own. I must say, it is quite impressive. It is an ASP based system backed with a SQL database. He has been making tweaks like cookies for the comments and creating an archive system. I encourage you all to go to his site, play with the software, and post suggestions and kudos in the comments.

By way of update on my little court case, the landlady filed for an adjournment this morning, as expected. Then a really strange thing happened… She is kind of old and told me she does not get around well. So, being the boy scout that I am, I offered to cab her home and escort her to her door. Amazingly, she accepted. I then took a cab ride with a woman who is suing me and vise versa. We actually had a very pleasant conversation about the weather, city life, and our families. Surreal.

Speaking of surreal, I got an email through Classmates.com from a friend from High School, Yuko Ariga. Hi, Yuko! We met for coffee near Union Square to catch up. It is amazing to see how much and yet how little people change. She had been a little bit introverted yet goofy. Now she seems very, very happy. I guess she got an accounting degree, worked for a year as an accountant, then woke up one day and decided she was miserable. So she eventually became a flight attendant for Delta, and loves it. Next time you think your life is droning on, I suggest you take a lesson from Yuko and shake things up a little. You will be happy you did. She is.

It sure seems that I have a lot going on lately. Apologies for two lengthy entries in one day, but I felt compelled to share and share a lot. You know you love it, you cyber-voyeurs!

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